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NOTE:  Our Last REGULAR Market is TODAY!

September 2,  from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Please call 419-349-2626 if you cannot make Saturday!

Available today:  lettuces, watermelons, sweet and hot peppers, kale, tomatoes, beautiful field onions, cucumbers, eggs, honey, fresh herbs and flowers.......

still ripening in field, if Mother Nature allows:  third succession of sweet corn, many varieties of winter squash, Brussels sprouts, leeks 

Does Summer eating get any better than this?

DO watch for updates here, on our facebook page and FarmFan Texts, as we have big LIFE CHANGES in store and will be ceasing our farm operations at the end of this season. Market times and food availability will be dwindling as we tend to other matters.


Please take the time to peruse our photo gallery as we gear up for another great year.  We welcome your comments and queries! 


We thank you for supporting our farm's CSA progam in the past several years and hope you can continue your support by visiting our market.




We choose to highlight our "papple" which we use as the ampersand (&) in our logo.  "Papple" is a word we coined when the logo was designed and it was fashioned about an apple and a peach, both plentiful orchards in the Utz Family past.  Yes, we also looks like a tomato....a radish, maybe a beet, cherry or turnip!  To us, the papple now symbolizes our passion for all the great goodness we grow and harvest from our fields.  "UTZ", your may already know, is a South American word meaning "GOOD", and that also complements our passion for the papple.  When we ask "What's your papple?", we really mean "What's your passion?"   

 Our 3rd Annual Farm to Table Event on September 10, 2016 was graced with lovely weather, in spite of a huge rain scare earlier in the day.  Thanks to everyone who came out to support our farm and help benefit three local food banks.  

We hope to see you enjoying our locally grown goodness at our roadside market for the 2017 Season! 


Teri @ 419-349-2626
Jim @ 419-262-2423 

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April 6th, 2017

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August 12th, 2016

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